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The connection between  grain shortage and surplus

With 60,000 tonnes of grain on the counter, our Australian partner is happy to help solve the world's food problem. 

Grain shortage?
That's not the problem! 

Our trusted partner from Australia grows wheat, canola, pulses and maize. To narrow the gap between this surplus and the shortage globally, we connect our partner with traders/brokers. 


Our partner makes 60,000 tons of grain available

The Younggrains makes the connection between partner and customer

Agreement is signed between the parties

Grain is exported to the final destination

The special story behind
The Younggrains

Two years after Corona, De Jong family is reunited. In Australia, where one of the brothers was exploring the travelling life and earning money between the grain fields. 


The agricultural export problem is increasing in Europe

Because of the turbulence between Russia and Ukraine, grain exports to Europe have been at a standstill for quite some time. Food agencies are warning of an impending hunger crisis. How long will the blockades last and will we continue to wait? 

Odessa's vuurtoren
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How do we make it easier for you? 

We make the connection

​One trusted

main supplier

Compliance check of agreements

Maintain and promote collaboration

The latest news

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