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Everything about our service and  method

We make the connection

We would like to get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities of importing grain. If we can do something for you, we will discuss it with our grain supplier and everything will be set in motion for a successful deal.


​One and trusted grain supplier

You'll be in contact with a dedicated contact person for the entire process. Then, you are in the lead to arrange everything concerning the appointments and the delivery of the product. This way, we are not in the middle of it, but you can directly contact our partner who has a solution for everything. 

What can you expect from us and how do we work? We explain it step by step so that you know exactly what you can expect from us!

Compliance check of the agreements

We are in close contact with our partner in Australia and remain indirectly involved in the agreements that are made. In this way, we can tighten up agreements and together ensure that the cooperation runs smoothly for all parties. 

Maintain and promote collaboration

Although the client is in direct contact with our partner, we stay in regular contact about the way we work together and our progress. In this way, we both ensure good contact and optimum cooperation.


Let's drink some coffee? 

Are you curious what we can do for you? Let's plan a non-binding introductory meeting to discuss the possibilities of a cooperation. We can imagine that you might have other questions!

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